Parts Department / Vendors

Bolin Auto & Truck stocks a large inventory of truck and heavy-duty equipment parts, from small pieces to major components, including new and exchange units. We also have online access to major OEM and component manufacturers, which enables us to have the right part in the right place at the right time. And our customized inventory system allows us to meet your needs.

Air Brake Parts Drivetrain Bearings and Seals
Hydraulic Brake Parts Lighting Truck and Trailer Accessories
Electric Brake Parts Exhaust Hydraulics
Steering and Suspension Electrical Temperature Control
Tools Grease / Lubricants / Cleaners General
  • Air Brake Parts

    • BEPCO
      Air Brake Components, New and Remanufactured
    • Dayton
      Brake Shoes, Hardware, S-Cams and Attaching Parts
    • Haldex
      Brake Shoes, Compressors, Valves and Driers
    • Ranger Brake
      Spring Brakes, Service Chambers and Slack Adjusters
    • Sloan
      Air Brake Valves and Air Drier Cartridges
    • Tectran
      Automatic Slack Adjusters and Service Chambers
    • Webb
      Brake Drums and Wheel Hubs
  • Drivetrain

    • A-1 Cardone
      Rack and Pinions and CV Half-Shafts
    • Chelsea
      Power Take Offs
    • Eaton
      Axle and Transmission Parts
    • Haldex
      New and Remanufactured Clutches
    • Neapco
      U-Joints, Yokes, Tubing, Carrier Bearings, Axle Shafts and Ring and Pinions
    • Rhino
      New Clutch Kits
    • Rockford
      Driveline Products
    • Spicer
      Driveline Yokes
    • Wagner
      Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
    • Weasler
      Agricultural Yokes and U-Joints
  • Bearings and Seals

    • BCA
      Automotive, Truck, Industrial and Agricultural Bearings
    • Corteco
      Bearings and Seals
    • National
      Automotive, Truck, Industrial and Agricultural Seals and Speedi-Sleeves
    • OTC
      Wheel Sockets
    • SKF
      Wheel Seals
    • Timken
    • Tri-Seal
      Wheel Seals, Hubcaps and Hubodometers
  • Hydraulic Brake Parts

    • A-1 Cardone
      Brake Calipers and Vacuum Boosters
    • Brake Quip
      Brake Hose Fittings, D.O.T. Approved Custom Brake Hoses
    • Dayton
      Brake Pads, Calipers, Rotors and Hardware
    • Haldex
      Brake Shoes, Hydrovacs, Master Cylinders
    • Raybestos
      Brake Shoes and Pads, Hoses, Rotors, Drums, Cables, Wheel and Master Cylinders and Hardware
    • Webb
      Brake Drums and Rotors
  • Lighting

    • Federal-Signal
      Emergency Lighting
    • Grote
      Lighting Products
    • Public Safety
      Emergency Lighting
    • Signal Stat
      Truck and Trailer Lighting
    • Star Warning
      Emergency Lighting
    • Trucklite
      Truck and Trailer Lighting
    • Wagner
      Headlamps and Lightbulbs
  • Truck and Trailer Accessories

    • Butler
      Landing Gear
    • Buyers
      Trailer and Towing Hardware, Control Cables
    • Cargo Control
      Cargo and Tie Down Straps, Tow Chains and Hooks
    • Cortina
      Safety Products
    • Ecco
      Back-Up Alarms
    • Fleet Engineers
      Fenders, Mud Flap Hangers and Trailer Hardware
    • Lot Ridge Rubber
      Mud Flaps
    • Ms. Carita
      Safety Products
    • Tectran
      Tailgate Valves
    • VelVac
      Truck Mirrors
  • Electric Brake Parts

    • Dexter
      Brake Shoes, Kits, Magnets and Backing Plates
    • Raybestos
      Controllers, Brake Shoes, Kits, Magnets and Backing Plates
  • Exhaust

    • Grand Rock
      Heavy Duty O.E.M. Exhaust Pipes
    • Heavy Duty Exhaust
      Mufflers and Exhaust Pipes
    • Walker
      Mufflers, Exhaust Pipes and Accessories
  • Hydraulics

    • Brake Quip
      Hydraulic Brake Hoses
    • Dayco
      Hydraulic Hose and Fittings
    • Midwest Tubes & Hoses
      Steel Tubing and Fittings, Hydraulic Hose Fittings
    • Weatherhead
      Brass Fittings and Hydraulic Hose Fittings
  • Steering and Suspension

    • A-1 Cardone
      Remanufactured Gears, Pumps
    • AirLift
      Light Duty Air Suspension Parts
    • Automann
      Suspension Parts
    • Bab
      Rebuilt Power Steering Pumps and Gears
    • Dallas Sprint
      Heavy Duty Suspension Parts
    • Dayton
      Heavy Duty Suspension Parts, Locking Wheel Hubs
    • Edelmann
      Power Steering Hoses
    • Haldex
      Remanufactured Power Steering Pumps
    • Monroe
      Shocks and Struts
    • Moog
      King Pins, Tie Rod Ends and Suspension Parts
    • Sloan
      Leveling Valves
    • Tectran
      Leveling Valves
  • Electrical

    • A-1 Cardone
      Wiper Motors
    • BBB
      Remanufactured Starters and Alternators
    • Bussman
      Fuses and Circuit Breakers
    • Cole Hersee
      Electrical Switches and Accessories
    • Continental
    • Haldex
      Heavy Duty Remanufactured Starters and Alternators
    • Pico
      Electrical Terminals and Wire
    • Pollak
      Electrical Switches and Circuit Breakers
    • Quick Cable
      Battery Terminals and Cable
    • Solar
      Battery Chargers
  • Temperature Control

    • Dayco
      Air Conditioning Hose
    • Four Seasons
      Heater and Air Conditioner Parts
    • Midwest Tubes & Hoses
      Air Conditioning Hose Fittings
    • Phillip Temro
      Engine Heaters
    • Truck Air
      Heavy Duty Heater and Air Conditioner Parts
  • Tools

    • Blackhawk
      Hand Tools
    • Century
      Drill Bits, Taps and Dies
    • Ingersoll-Rand
      Impact Tools
    • Irwin
      Vise Grips
    • Ken Tools
      Tire Tools
    • Lincoln
      Grease Guns
    • Lisle
      Specialty Tools
    • OTC
      Pullers, Wheels Sockets and Miscellaneous Specialty Tools
    • Plews
      Lubrication Equipment
    • Proto
      Industrial Hand Tools
    • Stanley
      Hand Tools
    • Wilmar
      Hand and Specialty Tools
  • Grease/Lubricants/Cleaners

    • Gojo
      Hand Soap
    • Lubriplate
      Grease Products
    • Permatex
    • Radiator Specialty
    • Super S
      Oils and Lubricants
    • WD-40
  • General

    • A-1 Cardone
      Remanufactured Water Pumps and Vacuum Pumps
    • Airtex
      New Fuel and Water Pumps
    • Anco
      Wiper Blades
    • Baldwin
      Oil, Air, Fuel, Water, Hydraulic and Transmission Filters
    • Dayco
      Automotive, Truck and Industrial Belts, Hoses and Tensioners
    • Dorman
      Fasteners and Cables
    • Eagle Pitcher
      Floor Dry
    • Fel-Pro
      Gaskets and Sealing Materials
    • Haldex
      Heavy Duty Water Pumps
    • Milton
      Tire Hardware and Shop Air Supplies
    • Standard
      Ignition and Electrical Parts, Spark Plug Wires and Battery Cables
    • Stant
      Radiator, Oil and Fuel Caps, Thermostats and Gaskets
    • Tectran
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